2000 Winter Road Trip to Acadia

Herb with Lazy Daze in Maine winterHerb with Lazy Daze in Maine winterWe were still in that honeymoon stage of RVing where we (meaning us and the RV) wanted to be together at every possible moment. So when the February break from school came around, we decided to try our first winter expedition, despite the logistical challenges, of which we found there were many.

The first problem was finding a campground in the Northeast that was open in winter. I diligently pored through every page of marking the handful that were. Since even these campgrounds did not have running water this time of year, we would have to take very short showers to get by on what we could hold in the water tank (or hope that the campground had showers). This could be a problem with Andrew, who generally spent a good twenty minutes of singing in the shower.

Then there was preparing the motorhome for winter camping so that it would be warm and cozy, despite potentially subzero temperatures (for a full description on what Herb did, see our Tips section for RV Modifications/Winter Camping).

Then there was packing all that winter gear--downhill skis, cross country skis, snowboards, ice skates, tubes, etc, and what about all the wet clothing after coming in from playing in the snow. It was not like we were going to have access to a clothes dryer.

And just think how filthy the RV was going to get with all the salt and gravel on the roads. It would take days to clean it up. And what if we got stuck in the snow?

The logistical nightmare list went on and on. It began sounding like it would be easier to just stay home. Having said all that, we defied logic and set out of the driveway and headed north towards Acadia National Park in Maine. Were we right about the logistical problems? Absolutely. Do I regret taking this trip? Absolutely not! The best things in life don't come easy. This trip was one of our best.

You can download a detailed pdf Road Trip Travel Itinerary or zipped Microsoft Streets and Trips Travel Road Map file for this trip using the links shown below.

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