2011 Cross Country Road Trip

Family closeup at Chasm LakeFamily closeup at Chasm LakeEach year I complain about the increasing logistical difficulties of pulling off a family vacation as the family makeup continues to shift from 2 parents somewhat in control of their children’s schedules to 4 adults each headed in different directions. My role in trip planning this year was more that of a military strategist trying to have the troops converge on a particular city (Boulder, Colorado) on a particular day (July 19) using various means of transport (RV, Subaru, a Boeing 767, and later even a Jeep comes into play). I was in my element.

Tommy had been working out in Boulder since the beginning of June and was anxious for us to visit so he could show us around—and so we could spend some time together as well. Andrew was flying out to northern California to visit his girlfriend and figured that Boulder would make a nice stop along the way. I, being somewhat time restricted because of my 91-year-old mom, decided that flying, rather than wasting 8 days just driving back and forth between New Jersey and Colorado, made the most sense. And finally, Herb would “do it for the team” and make the long, lonely, and somewhat tedious drive alone so that we all would have our trusty Lazy Daze waiting for us on the other end.

So, that was the plan: lots of travel logistics and then 9 adventurous days together in Colorado (five with all four of us and then another four with just Herb and me alone). Since I was not along for the drive on either end of the trip, Herb is going to give his own description of his solitary life on the road. I’m pretty curious to read it myself.

You can download a detailed pdf Road Trip Travel Itinerary or zipped Microsoft Streets and Trips Travel Road Map file for this trip using the links shown below.

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