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L. L. Bean, ME

Saturday, February 19, 2000 - 1:30pm by Lolo
328 miles and 6.5 hours from our last stop - 1 night stay


The night before we were to leave on our trip, a storm dumped about a foot of beautiful powdery white snow all along the east coast. It was perfect timing--we didn't have to drive in a storm, yet we now would have plenty of snow to play in. We called Acadia National Park to make sure we would be able to get into Blackwoods, and they assured us that the roads and a handful of campsites would be plowed. We couldn't wait to see Acadia covered with snow.

After shoveling ourselves out, we headed north towards our first night's destination--the L. L. Bean parking lot. We had been L. L. Bean mail order customers for years, but had never been to one of their stores. Their flagship store in Freeport, Maine, was open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Since shopping continued all through the night, they allowed motorhomes to camp overnight in their parking lot, for free.

Before reaching L. L. Bean, we stopped in the town of Yarmouth, about 15 minutes south of Freeport, to visit the Delorme Map Store. Unfortunately, by the time we got there it was closed, but we were still able to see Eartha, the world's largest moving globe, through the three-story-high glass windows.

We got to L.L. Bean around 9:30 that evening and found a cozy little corner in the parking lot to settle into for the evening. Since the kids' store was not open all night, we hurried there to do some shopping. Rather than really shop, the kids entertained themselves by testing out some mountain bikes and using the climbing wall until they were finally told that the store was closing. Then we headed over to the main store where we could take our time. Herb still says that although the camping was free, by the time I was done in the store, it was the most expensive campground we ever stayed in.

We probably got to sleep around 1:00 that night. The next morning we were rudely awakened from a very cozy slumber by the roaring sound of a snow plow, which seemed inches away from our heads. We jolted upright and pulled up the shades to peek out. There, less than 3 feet from the back of our motorhome, was a giant snow plow revving its engine. I think in his own less than subtle way he was telling us to move our motorhome so that he could finish plowing and go home. I think I now understand why they are called "Mainiacs." Herb quickly threw on some clothes and moved the RV to the other end of the lot. However, our cozy slumber was irrecoverable. We made breakfast and headed north towards Acadia.


L. L. Bean, as everyone knows, is the world famous retailer of high-quality outdoor gear and clothing. Although primarily known for its mail order catalog, Bean's flagship store is located on Route 1 in Freeport, Maine. This huge mall-like building, complete with climbing wall and trout pools, is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. The great part about that is that they allow overnight RV parking in the lot.

About 15 minutes south of Freeport in the town of Yarmouth is the Delorme Map Store. Besides the amazing selection of maps, nautical charts, and travel books, and mapping software is Eartha, the world's largest moving globe. It is three stories tall and weight 6,000 pounds. Eartha resides in DeLorme's lobby and can be seen from the street through a wall of glass over three stories high. The lobby is open to the public for up close viewing of Eartha 7 days a week, free of charge.

L. L. Bean location map

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