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Bass River, MA

Monday, October 16, 2000 - 6:30am by Lolo
25 miles and 0.75 hours from our last stop


After our stop at Nauset Beach, we continued up the Cape--it always confuses me that the Upper Cape is south of the Lower Cape. Our next stop was in Bass River along the southern shore of the Cape, which lies along the calmer waters of Nantucket Sound.

My parents were staying there for the weekend at their old favorite Surf and Sand Motel, of which I had many fond childhood memories. Unlike the northern part of the cape, this area is much more developed and commercialized, with motels along the entire length of the beach. Although I definitely prefer the more pristine Lower Cape, this area does have much more for kids to do--mini golf, go-carts, etc.

After a lunch with my parents at the Hearth n'Kettle (another old favorite of mine), we set off for the beach to fly kites. Normally I find kite flying quite boring when all you are doing is holding the end of a string, but the boys had recently received stunt kites as birthday gifts and these required some pretty active participation to keep them aloft. It was a little difficult and frustrating for them at first, but they eventually got the hang of them and had a good time.


The south part of the Cape along Route 28 with its motels, restaurants, gas stations, and miniature golf courses, is much more commercialized than the northern part of the cape. In fact, there are 11 miniature golf courses in the Yarmouth area, including the elaborate Pirates Cove.

Yarmouth lies along the calmer waters of Nantucket Sound. Unlike the pristine beaches of the National Seashore, these beaches are more crowded and lined with motels.

However, with its numerous kid-oriented activities (mini golf, go-karts, etc.), restaurants and motels it is a very popular Cape Cod family destination.

Bass River location map

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