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Thursday, August 20, 2009 - 3:15pm by Lolo
382 miles and 6.5 hours from our last stop


Well, I have to admit it, that despite all my pre-trip concerns about the Southeast in August, this trip had actually been a lot of fun. It was much different from our other summer adventures – a little less adventure but a bit more play and relaxation -- but still very much worthwhile.

Also, we all had some pretty good tans to show off.


Our home in Upper Saddle River, a suburb of New York City.

Helen Moat on October 2, 2010

I've been dipping in and out of your travelogues - and have been really enjoying them. Not least because we are a travel mad family with two boys. I'm a Brit who has done three road trips in North America, and loved it so much! Our first trip was from Boston, through New England to friends in Ottawa. Then we returned to travel from the Rockies in Canada over to the coast, Vancouver Island and Vancouver. This summer we visited the national parks and coasts of Washington and Oregon. You live in a beautiful, beautiful continent, and I am so jealous that you can just hop in an RV and drive off across this wonderful land!
Having said that you should visit Europe. If you love history, you will be in heaven. And there are many Europeans outside of the Uk who speak English!

Herb on October 2, 2010

Hi Helen,
I'm glad you are enjoying our travelogues and have been able to travel across much of North America. We definitely want to explore Europe, just as soon as I can figure out the logistics both in time and travel means. I'd like to think about an RV swap for the summer months, but I know that it would be impossible for Lolo to leave the boys during their summer internships/jobs. Maybe in a few more years. Safe travels - Herb

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