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Mt. Brodie Ski Area, MA

Wednesday, February 20, 2002 - 7:00am by Lolo
10 miles and 0.25 hours from our last stop - 3 night stay


Lolo with boys in Lazy DazeLolo with boys in Lazy DazeI must preface this writing with the warning to RV skiers, that Mt. Brodie is no more. They closed somewhere around 2003 and with that ended, to my knowledge, the only chance of slope-side RV camping in the East. Too bad. It was a really fun mountain, and the ability to ski right from your motorhome was certainly a treat.

We arrived at Brodie quite late in the afternoon, after a full day of sightseeing—Ben and Jerry’s Factory tour, lunch in Manchester, the Clark Institute, etc. Although Herb and I were done for the day and ready to settle into a cozy evening in the RV, the boys were still rearing to go. One down side to camping slope-side is that watching skiers and snowboarders whip past your window is very tempting. So, we bought the boys night passes and they set out on their own, with instructions to keep in touch with us via the family radios. They had a great time and really enjoyed the independence.

That evening, friends from our home town pulled in next to us again, as they had last year. We had told them about this place and they too had come to love it.

The next day was very unseasonably warm, so the ski conditions were a bit slow and sticky. Despite that, we skied the entire day and really did have a good time. It was nice to be able to just ski back to the RV whenever you were hungry or just needed a break.


Ski resort in the Berkshires of Massachusetts that has sadly closed. At one time this ski resort had RV slopeslide camping--a rare find on the East Coast.