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Hayward and flight Home, CA

Monday, June 4, 2012 - 9:15am by Lolo
172 miles and 3.5 hours from our last stop - 1 night stay


Leaving Yosemite ValleyLeaving Yosemite ValleyWe were barely outside the gates of Yosemite before it began to rain, making it a little bit easier to part. Our only objective for the remainder of the day was to find a place to stay in striking distance to San Francisco Airport, so as we got closer, I used Herb’s droid to search Kayak.com for hotels en route. I don’t know how people ever survived without smart phones.

We like the kayak app because it does all the searching of different travel sites for you and presents you with all the deals. Usually, I don’t book through the app, though I could, but just use it to get prices and phone numbers.

We found a good deal at a Days Inn in Hayward, about an hour from the airport. The neighborhood was a bit dicey, but the room was really great. We spent the evening sorting and packing for our early morning flight. The one problem with flying home is that you have to leave all the food, snacks, and wine behind. I am sure the maid was very happy the next morning to find all the goodies we left in the refrigerator.

Herb and I are still awed by the miracle of flight and the fact that we were back in New Jersey by early evening. Still, I did feel a bit guilty when I saw the RV sitting all alone in the backyard. Maybe next time.


Quick stop on the eastern shore of San Francisco Bay within easy striking distance to the airport.

Judy on March 9, 2013

My husband and I are nearing retirement and have been avidly looking at RVs and potential RV trips (after we buy our home in the south, we're done with the freezing northeast!). Having been tent campers and, before our boys were born, adirondack backpackers, we know the joys of exploring in a similar way to your trips.
This website is beyond wonderful! I started with 1999 and have only read 2 years worth and am READY to go. I can't thank you enough, it is a treasure trove of exciting ideas and tips!
I can hardly wait for grandkids, I know they will be walking in your son's footsteps! Thank you again!

Herb on April 23, 2013

Hi Judy,

Apologies for the late response,, I was traveling during March and misssed your comment. Thanks for the kind words about our website, and I'm glad that our efforts are actually helping others plan their own outdoor travel adventures.

Have fun and safe travels.. and please leave us updated comments if you visit any of the same places we visited. We plan on returning to some of our favorites and some updated local knowledge is always appreciated.

Norman and Maggie on April 23, 2013

My wife maggie and I are planning to taking to the road and traveling the usa fulltime in a 27 foot RV/with motorcycle. We are selling our house,cars, etc and are planning departure this Sept 2013 from Chicago. We are still young , Maggie is 32 and i am 49, all our friends have mixed emotions about us living in an RV fulltime, but after reading your well organized blog and wonderful experiences, we are even more inspired to start our journey. I was impressed with your site and how you organized and layed out all the elements. We have very little experience in blogging or setting up a site such as yours to document travels. I am determined to document our travels/experiences/tips and ideas so that all our friends from all over the world can follow our progress, and that we can have a diary for us as well. Thank you for taking the time to document your travels, you have given us great ideas and inspired us to do the same. Cheers to you and your family...Norman and Maggie, April 23, 2013

Herb on April 23, 2013

Hi Norman and Maggie,

I'm glad that we have helped inspire you to take to the road on a full time basis and see the country from an RV and motorcycle. At your ages you will able to do and see allot from both 6 and 2 wheels. I wish I could do it all over again, but at this point you can't go back, so the best thing to do is just evolve the trips that we can make in the future.

Definitely take the time to document your travels.. It always seems like a pain when your doing it, but its value increases immeasurable with time. Something as simple as Facebook could work, or I have listed a few alternatives on the comments to http://www.cross-country-trips.com/tips/use-internet

Have fun.. Be safe... and please keep us updated with comments on any of our trip stops that you visit in your travels. Herb and Lolo

Jim on May 23, 2013

I had to double check to be sure, but sadly, I've finished my reading of your trips. :(
of course, I'll check out the rest of the site, and perhaps even find both skill and patience to document my own travels.

I have really really enjoyed reading about your travels.
Thanks Herb and Lolo.

Perhaps now that the boys are out of the house, you can get serious about traveling?


Herb on June 6, 2013

Very Impressive Jim,

We are always somewhat embarrassed to learn that virtual strangers know more about our lives than our neighbors, and some of our own relatives.

I'm glad you found something of interest in the log of our travels, and I would strongly recommend trying to document your own. It's maybe easiest to start with photos, and a bit of narrative.. Just enough to capture the essence and not make it too much of a burden. The value of these memories increases exponentially with the passage of time.

Maybe we'll get to see you on the road sometime, and safe travels.

We have one more road trip with the boys this summer. They are moving to Washington State, and California and we plan on caravaning west to help them get settled. Then, it shouldn't be long before we can relocate west ourselves and spend a bit more time on the road as well.

Thanks for your constructive comments Jim, and I wish you continued success in your own trips.

Herb and Lolo