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Lake Colorado City State Park, TX

Tuesday, July 30, 2002 - 12:00pm by Lolo
550 miles and 10 hours from our last stop - 1 night stay


It was a long day of driving to get here, but for the first time this trip we got that exciting feeling of being somewhere very different from home. This was desert country with beautiful flowering cactus and little lizards scampering about.

Lolo before Cactus ButtLolo before Cactus ButtIt was early evening when we arrived, but still hot enough for an evening swim. We followed a path through the cactus down to the lake. Along the way, we encountered large groups of what looked to be fire ants, which we carefully avoided. It was a little hard getting into and out of the lake from the rocks at the edge, but the kids were much amused by my graceful entry.

After dinner, we strolled down to the fishing pavilion with the boys' rods. The lake is supposed to be especially good for catfish and large mouth bass, but we didn't have much luck. Tom even tried his expert fisherman form with a hint of butt-crack showing. Still no luck.

That evening and the next morning, we took some photos in the low light. We usually like to document our trips by taking a picture of the RV in a setting that we have enjoyed. We got a good one here. One word of caution. Do not squat down to take a picture when you are near cactus. I spent the next 3 hours picking tiny cactus barbs out of my shorts.


Brotherly love in Lake ColoradoBrotherly love in Lake ColoradoLake Colorado City, one of Texas's 120 state parks, is a 500-acre park located on the southwestern corner of a 1600-acre reservoir. This reservoir, which provides water to power the largest power plant in western Texas, is also a great recreation spot for fishing, boating, and swimming. The park has three campgrounds.


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