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Vicksburg National Military Park, MS

Monday, July 29, 2002 - 7:30am by Lolo
280 miles and 6 hours from our last stop


We left the Trace in Jackson, Mississippi, and began our trek west on I20. Before crossing the Mississippi River into Louisiana, we made a brief stop at Vicksburg National Military Park. After our customary stop in the Visitor Center and the bagging of yet another collector hat pin, we went outside to watch the cannon demonstration. The soldiers loading the cannon joked that they needed a target and glanced over at Tommy who was wearing a Yankee baseball cap. Apparently, we were the only northerners in the group and we were on enemy territory. It was strange to think of it that way.

After the cannon demonstration, we drove the 16-mile auto drive through the Civil War cemetery and memorials. It was thought provoking to look at the endless lines of white gravestones and to think of how many American lives were wasted during that war.


Vicksburg, which sits high on a bluff overlooking the Mississippi River, was the site of one of the most decisive battles in the Civil War. Its surrender on July 4, 1863, divided the South, and gave the North control of the Mississippi River. In 1899, Congress established Vicksburg National Military Park to commemorate its significance in the American Civil War.

The Military Park includes a 16-mile auto tour road, Vicksburg National Cemetery, 1,325 historic monuments and markers, 20 miles of reconstructed trenches and earthworks, an antebellum home, 144 cannon, and the restored Union gunboat-USS Cairo.


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David Brown on December 10, 2005

I am from Chicago Illinois and seeing the monuments, I felt that I was back in Chicago since some many of the streets in Chicago commemorate the same soldiers/generals especially who are buried here.

Klattu on June 16, 2009

I see very little travel in the deep south...we don't bite!
How about a visit to Louisina Cajun country, Houma, Thibidaux, Dulac...or a NASCAR race at Talladega in Alabama.
I know the kids are not kids anymore, but many different lifestyles to see down there.
The beaches between Mobile and Panama City are something to behold, best in the world.
Your site is one of my favs, I save for day dreaming times.

Herb on June 16, 2009

Hi Klattu,
Good to hear from you again! Funny you should mention the South -- Lolo is actually planning a trip that might take us to southern Florida, but it's getting tough to schedule a family trip that gives us enough time with the boys. Maybe Lolo and I will be able to travel a bit once again once the boys are back in College, and our mothers are stabilized enough so we can leave for a few weeks. Take care!

Nomad on June 8, 2010

We ARE coming through Lousiana this year, but with the screw-up that BP made of this life we will stay far north of the beaches. We have friends of my parents in Lake Charles...they are very senior citizens...we are just entering senior citizenship.

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