Take lots of pictures and video

I don't think I can emphasize enough the value of documenting and preserving the wonderful memories of a family road trip--especially since digital cameras make it so easy and inexpensive to take tons of photos. Even more than still photos, we love video because with a movie you can better capture the whole experience, for better or worse. You'll never regret having taken too many pictures or video, but you will regret the ones you didn't take. Those images you don't take are gone forever.

Pictures and video are also useful in that you can use them later in life to prove to your children what great parents you were.

Ted Staples on February 2, 2013

Thank you for your incredible website.

We have 4 kids, ranging from a college sophomore to a 1 year old. Each night before I go to bed I research cross country travels to take my family once the 1 year old is a bit older. Right now we have a Popup and are enjoying it, I'm just trying to work the family up to such a trip. I am also working hard to get my business to a point I can leave for three weeks at a time.

In searching RVs, while I have not made a final decision, I just feel hooked by the Lazy Daze. So I keep running through the details of your 1999 trip, dreaming of leaving the Mothership one day, headed east.

So I have about a thousand questions I could ask, but I'll leave you alone. I just wanted to say thank you for your web site. The information is invaluable to me and I am sure many, many others.


Ted Staples
Ayer, MA

Herb on February 2, 2013

Hi Ted,

Thanks for the kind words about our website.

The toughest part is always getting started. Fortunately/unfortunately we had the cancer kick in the butt, (http://www.cross-country-trips.com/about-lolo-and-herb), that made our decision easier.

If three weeks looks too long,,, think about driving/flying somewhere and renting an RV for a week or two. It's pretty tough to justify a Class C unless you can get a good deal, and/or use it enough to make it worth while.

Most of the exciting stuff, (for us at least), is out west and the 3 days across the Plains is only interesting the first few times.

Rather than waiting for the perfect time maybe you take a trip west with the Popup.

Anyway, please feel free to contact us with any further questions, and enjoy your time on the road. Time goes too fast. Both our boys are graduating College/Graduate School this year and will be moving west. We hope to follow them west soon.


Brad on February 12, 2013


This website is really awesome, helped a lot in gaining knowledge related to the trips and campgrounds in RV. I am very thankful to you.

Cheers and Good Luck,
Brad, DC

Herb on February 13, 2013

Hi Brad,

Thanks for the comment. It's always rewarding to hear that our efforts have been appreciated, and might actually help others plan and enjoy some of their own travel experiences.

Safe travels, and please post an update if you visit any of the same stops we did.


Ted Staples on October 11, 2014


We bought an Airstream Bunkhouse and a diesel Ford Excursion.

We are on our way to the Tetons/Yellowstone next summer, I'll be driving the rig out in the Spring, storing it in Salt Lake at a RV place. Then we fly out in July and tow up to Jackson, WY. I am arranging for a guide to climb the Grand Teton with our oldest kid. I was stormed off this mountain in 1994. After that, we will tour for one week in each place. I want to keep the mileage down and enjoy the destination as much as possible.

Your website and story are truly inspirational.

Herb on October 11, 2014

Hi Ted,

Sounds like you have a great plan. Your rig looks great,, an you will be able to unhook and just drive the truck around locally.

Jackson is great.. and climbing the Grand Teton is still on my list of things to do. Spending a week at each destination is a great idea. You can really get the feel of a place, and not be so rushed to move on. We probably moved a bit too fast in our travels with the boys, but hopefully will slow things down a bit when it's just Lorry and me.

Thanks for the kind words about our website,,, and thanks even more for putting into practice what we have been "preaching".

Safe Travels,


2Free2RV on January 18, 2015

Lolo & Herb,
Just finished perusing your website and it was simply awesome. The details, the tips, lessons learned...all very good stuff for newbies like my husband and me. We are planning a trip to Sedona, Arizona starting about February 20th and returning to Virginia by April 4th. Very tentative plans so far...taking the southern route in anticipation of possible wintery weather...Route 40...visiting some historical spots along the way...Nashville, Memphis, Little Rock Oklahoma City, Amarillo TX...Phoenix, Las Vegas, Southern Rim Grand Canyon...

We are retired (healthy, active 62 and 66)...purchased a Class C 33 foot, Forest River Sunseeker in October, 2014. Any other hints you would care to share are certainly welcomed. :) Hubby wants to tour a car...me, not so much...would rather just take the bikes...and rent once we get to Arizona...
Sooo, thanks for painting the dream and sharing your adventures.

Alton & Phyllis

Herb on January 19, 2015

Hi Alton & Phylllis,

Sounds like you have a great trip planned. We are jealous. Lolo says maybe our 2002 trip could be of help. Some of our favorite stops on that trip include Carlsbad Caverns, White Sands National Monument, Santa Fe, and Monument Valley.

Regarding towing a vehicle... if this is your first trip in the RV, I would suggest trying it without towing a car to start with. You will need to get used to the larger vehicle, and how to get it over and down the mountain passes of the west. Once you have some experience, you can talk with other campers that do tow a vehicle and make a more informed decision.

Safe travels, and please comment on any stops that we have been to.

Herb & Lolo