Lolo's Extreme is a place for adventurous families to explore ideas for their own RV road trip travels across the USA and Canada. Do it now, before the kids don't want to travel with you anymore!

Cross Country RV Road Trip Planner - Plan Your Route!!

During a 3 ½ week trip each summer with our two boys we've...

  • Crossed the country 12 times in 19 years, covering 114,000 miles in our Lazy Daze motorhome
  • Traveled through 49 states and 10 Canadian Provinces
  • Visited 61 National Parks and over 50 State Parks
  • Hiked, mountain biked, fished, and rafted in some of the most beautiful places in North America
  • Made enough memories to last 4 lifetimes!

Contents of this 2000 + page site include...

  • Index of Cross Country, East Coast, and West Coast Trips
  • Best Cross Country Driving Routes and Itineraries - with stops and mileages for each trip
  • Travelogues - our personal experiences at each stop
  • Overview Map - of the USA, Canada, and the World with push pin links to each stop we've been to
  • Activities - that we have done (such as hikes, mountain biking, etc.)
  • Best Cross Country Travel Books - references we've used in planning our trips
  • Photographs & Videos - of the various places we've visited
  • Motorhome Rentals - Why and How you can rent a motorhome of your own
  • Top Highlights - places and activities not to be missed
  • Tips - to maximize your travel experience

July 2024 Update

Lolo and I are still recovering from another "trip of a lifetime" - a 14 day, 216 mile raft trip down the Colorado River through Grand Canyon National Park. It's a trip I'm glad we took while we still had the physical and mental capacity to enjoy it to the fullest. We met some incredible people and saw some amazing sights that only those who travel these waters can experience. You can enjoy the ride from the luxury of your easy chair at 2024 Colorado River Rafting

In February we took a ride to visit Andrew in Bishop, and visit the rare occurence of "Lake Manley" in Death Valley National Park. I never thought I would get to photography Badwater Basin with several feet of water over its surface.

In January of 2024 we took our first trip to the island of Kauai in Hawaii. I usually need a dose of sunshine to improve my disposition during the winter months, and this trip provided that and more. A few trip highlights that Lolo capably documented include our first Hawaiian Luau, and a "doors off" private helicopter tour of the island.

September of '23 found us in the 4Runner around the surreal landscapes around Hanksville, Utah. It has been a location on my photographic bucket list, and did not disappoint.

In August, as consolation for cancelling and selling our tickets to Burning Man, Lolo convinced me to take a ride to Vancouver Island. While not expressly a photo trip, it still gave us exposure to an island we had long wanted to visit, and included stops at Olympic National Park, Virginia City, and even a visit to Andrew in Bishop.

An off-road camping trip in July to California's Lost Coast ticked off another place that I had wanted to explore. It was fun to take the 4Runner camping on a deserted coastal beach.

Another bucket list trip in early June of '23 was traveling the Ring Road in Iceland. Iceland is truly a unique and incredibly beautiful destination. Lorry put together a plan that would have us, and our companions Hilda and Paul, circle the Island while hitting all the major highlights along the way. The landscape is extraordinary and all the superlatives are truly justified. Lots of amazing locations, images, and a detailed narrative of our journey.

The Galapagos Island Trip of March 2023 was incredible! The photo tour with noted Galapagos Island Photographer Tui De Roy easily surpassed our wildest expectations and is highly recommended for anyone with an interest in photographing varied wildlife in their native environment, and the stamina to keep up with a vigorous daily schedule starting at 4:45 AM. Lolo has documented this trip in great detail and in record time. Lots of photos for those who would like to vicariously travel with us.

So, as the years seem to fly by, we will continue to try and fill them with travel adventures in whatever style best suits the destination.

On a personal note... something that this website has given our entire family that was not part of the original goal is an awareness of how documenting one's travels will both preserve and enhance your appreciation of the experience, for years after the trip was taken. I am regularly amazed at how little of our previous travels we can recall, unless they were preserved with photos, videos, and hopefully a compelling narrative. While it might initially seem a bit of bother to pose the family photos or stage a video shoot, the value of these moments seems to grow exponentially with the passage of time. This is especially true when the subjects include children that rapidly evolve into adolescents and adults with the passing of every year.

Finally, if anyone is reading this, we would love to hear from you, especially if you are planning your own road trip adventure. Comments from experienced travelers on each of the stops are also greatly appreciated. We plan on revisiting many of our favorite locations, and if you could add a bit of local knowledge beyond that which we have already included, it would help us to continue our explorations.

A word of warning

This mode of travel is not for everyone. Some of the daily mileages are well above what many would consider recreational, and the pace of activities could be described as frenetic, so you might want to add a few days or remove a few stops to make your trip more relaxing. Still if you like..

  • Exploring natural wonders
  • Being physically active - hiking, biking, swimming, etc.
  • Getting away from the crowds
  • Bonding with your offspring or significant other

then you might find something of use in this site. Check out the routes we traveled by hovering your mouse over the year links on the map, and then select one that might be of interest. From that trip's itinerary, select a place of interest.

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