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Columbia River - Plymouth Park Campground, WA

Wednesday, July 18, 2001 - 12:00pm by Lolo
145 miles and 2.5 hours from our last stop - 1 night stay


After crossing into Washington State, we found a small campground along the Columbia River. We love being around water of any sort, so it was nice to just sit by the river while the kids fished. Although we could see fish, they just weren't interested in anything the kids were using.

We called it an early night so we could get an early start for Mount Rainier in the morning.


32-site COE (Core of Engineers) campground on the Columbia River near the border between Oregon and Washington.

willo on March 4, 2012

I've read through several of your travelogues so far, and I expect I'll get through them all before this summer.

I'm a mom with two boys who will be 5 and 8 this summer. I'm a native Oregonian who married an otherwise excellent husband who insists we live in the Boston area, where we met.

I hope to start driving cross country with my boys this summer, and I hope to make a regular annual trip of it for... well, forever! Your website is so inspirational, though my husband still thinks I'm crazy, and that people like you are a terrible influence. ;)

I made the cross-country drive three times as a college student, once up north, once through the middle, and once down south along the old Rte 66, so I have a clue. I'm certainly keen on the adventure. Let's see if my boys prove me foolish. We'll be driving my minivan and camping--perhaps investing in a roof-top tent to speed setting up our nightly accommodations. I dream of a little RV someday, though I want a class B with a pop-top to keep things maneuverable.

I'm commenting on this page because I'm afraid I have a complaint:
With all your marvelous trips, you've given Oregon very short shrift! You would find so much to enjoy there. The coast highway along the southern coast alone is worth the trip from New Jersey. :)

Herb on March 4, 2012

Hi Willo,

I'm glad we're inspiring others to take the plunge on a cross country trip. I think you will be fine in your minivan, especially since you have some previous experience. (I know we are a terrible influence,, - sometimes I think so myself)

You're absolutely right about our not giving Oregon it's due. It is just that it was never easy to schedule the extra time at that most western most point of our trip when we were on a 3.5 week schedule.

We are definitely going to return for a complete coastal tour. Maybe even this summer?

Thanks again for your comment, and please comment again if you visit any of our previous stops.

Columbia River - Plymouth Park Campground location map in "high definition"

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