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Port Angeles - KOA, WA

Saturday, July 21, 2001 - 10:00am by Lolo
92 miles and 2 hours from our last stop - 1 night stay


After we completed our hospital and dental visits, we decided to stop for the night at a KOA right outside of Port Angeles. We were all pretty shaken from our ordeal.

We took the opportunity to regroup and do some laundry. Knowing that I had used Tommy's black t-shirt to stop the bleeding on my forehead, Herb decided to wash it out in the sink in the laundry room before throwing it in the washing machine. He couldn't believe how much blood came out of it and was pretty sure, based on the look he got, that the woman that entered the laundry room thought he was a murderer. What a day! First a wife abuser and now a murderer.

Things could only go up from here.


73-site KOA campground with laundry, spa, and heated pool on the eastern edge of the city of Port Angeles

Jim on May 7, 2013

oh jeez... that's the worst yet. I REALLY hope you guys learn to slow down soon...
no more than 300 miles a day. Snug in your campsite with your favorite adult beverage and a warming BBQ grille by 3 each and every day.
And 2 nights in the same place every 3 days on the road.

It's the journey that counts.


Herb on May 9, 2013

Of course your are right Jim,

This was probably are all time trip low,, in 14 years of travels. I can assure you that we learned our lesson, and tried to slow the pace down for the future trips.

I still need to try and control Lolo a bit. She gets a bit obsessed with trip planning and trying to cram 20# of experience into a 10# bag. Yet she too has mellowed a bit. Since we've seen most of the biggies, we can now slow the pace down a bit and savoir the little things that we missed the first time around.

Port Angeles - KOA location map in "high definition"

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