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Manitoba, MB

Wednesday, August 1, 2001 - 11:00am by Lolo
431 miles and 8.5 hours from our last stop - 1 night stay


Another uneventful day of much driving. Hoping to inject some fun into our day, we drove about 10 miles out of our way to a campground on the southern shore of Lake Manitoba. Unfortunately, it was not what we were hoping for. Rather than the vision I had of sipping wine on the shores of the lake while the kids played delightfully in the water, the reality was a weedy, mucky cove that the kids didn't even want to put their feet in. To add to our sensual pleasure, the campground had a serious problem with their septic system. So, we did the only thing we could in this situation--went in the RV, closed the shades, and watched a movie.


Like Saskatchewan, Manitoba is part of the great prairies of central Canada and serves more as a breadbasket to the country than a tourist destination. The Trans-Canada Highway (Highway 1) passes through the southern part of the province, which is the more populated part. The southern section contains 264-mile-long Lake Winnipeg and Lake Manitoba. The less populated northern part of the province with its vast wilderness of forests and 100,000 lakes is a fisherman's and outdoor enthusiast's paradise.

The major destinations in Manitoba are Lake Winnipeg, Riding Mountain National Park, and Whiteshell, Atikaki, Spruce Woods, Duck Mountain, Grass River, and Grand Beach Provincial Parks.

classic! on April 24, 2007

I live in Manitoba and while I think your summer trips and great documentation of them on the net etc. are a great accomplishment etc. I don't think you gave Manitoba much of a chance. Instead of getting off the major highway and giving yourself some more time in this Province you chose 1 campground to stay at. You should have visited the Whiteshell Provincial Park, Grand Beach (Top 10 Beaches in the World) and spent some time at the Forks in Winnipeg.

Lolo on April 25, 2007

You're absolutely right! I shouldn't generalize an entire province based on one campground. We had wanted to go to Grand Beach Provincial Park, but had already driven over 400 miles that day and were quite cranky and tired, which may have come through in my writing. Next time, we'll do Manitoba more justice.

Manitoba location map

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